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Most jewelry wearers are confident whether they prefer yellow-gold-hued jewelry or white-toned pieces. However, for those in the latter group, the difficult choice is deciding which white metal to use in their jewelry. While you may think platinum, silver, and white gold look the same, they each have slightly different appearances and properties.

So, how can you tell the difference between silver and platinum by looking at the metals? Or white gold and silver? White gold is created by plating actual yellow gold, white, so it has a warm yellow undertone. Platinum and silver are naturally white so they have that same white undertone. Platinum stands out against silver, as it is brighter and shinier than the duller silver metal. Platinum also never diminishes in its white color, while over time, silver will tarnish and turn towards a slate and black color. However, there are other benefits and differences to each of the metals that you need to consider when selecting white-toned jewelry. 

gold and silver stacked rings

Quality and Durability

As platinum is naturally strong and has a cool white tone, it doesn’t need to be mixed with other metals for strength or color. Most platinum used in jewelry only contains 5% other alloys, making it perfect for everyday wear. It is known for its strength, which means it’s less malleable and harder to work with but much more durable to withstand daily wear and tear. 

However, unlike silver and white gold, when platinum gets scratched, you don’t lose the color — instead, you get a patinated look. One downside of platinum is that it is a heavy metal that some people may not like to wear every day.

White gold is another popular choice for jewelry. It is stronger than silver and is not as heavy as platinum. This metal is impact and corrosion-resistant, but most white gold jewelry is rhodium-plated, which can wear away over time, giving your ring a yellow tint. However, you can readily remedy this effect and restore the finish by having a professional jeweler reapply the rhodium plating. 

Silver is the softest of the three gray-toned metals and is easily scratched. It can wear down and tarnish quickly, but sterling silver jewelry can last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance.

Hypoallergenic Jewelry

If you want hypoallergenic jewelry, your best option of the three silver-colored metals is platinum. There is no need to add nickel to the metal due to its natural gray-white color, which eliminates this common irritant from your jewelry. 

set of silver and gold rings

Platinum vs. White Gold Price

Silver is the most affordable metal, and it is commonly used in less expensive costume jewelry that is worn on rotation with other pieces of jewelry For precious jewelry and pieces such as an engagement ring that you’ll wear daily, platinum is the superior choice. If you’re deciding between the two metals, consider the up-front cost and the cost of ongoing care and maintenance.

Platinum is a worthwhile investment for jewelry you’ll wear every day, think engagement rings or wedding bands, as it won’t tarnish and will retain its color when scratched. White gold is ideal for pieces that might feel heavy. For example, for the protection of your ear piercing and ear lobes, most fine jewelry earring pieces are made in white gold so they don’t feel heavy and uncomfortable. Earstuds are the exception to that rule as they are usually created in platinum so that the single diamonds stand out and look even more brilliant. However, you should also keep in mind that white gold does require more upkeep and care and you may have to reapply a rhodium coating to your white gold ring in the future to maintain its durability and finish. 

Create Stunning Jewelry with JPratt Designs

Custom creation is the most suitable option when selecting the ideal jewelry to suit your style and taste. You can have the final say over the design and more control over gemstone selection to ensure that your jewelry reflects your personality and suits your lifestyle. Our professional and experienced jewelers and design team provide exceptional service and give you more in-depth knowledge about the pros and cons of choosing white gold or the benefits of platinum vs. silver jewelry.

Whether you want to make a custom engagement ring, anniversary earrings, or a milestone necklace, we can guide you through the entire process from initial consultation and design to gemstone and metal selection so you can create a piece that you’ll genuinely love and cherish for a lifetime. Contact us for a comprehensive consultation with our design team.

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