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Gemstones are a stunning feature on any piece of jewelry, and with so many types of stones to choose from, selecting the ideal one for daily wear or putting in a custom piece can be difficult. From the obvious color differences between precious stones to the more subtle physical properties, a few characteristics vary between gems and influence their suitability in some jewelry pieces. 

sapphire earrings

Whether you desire a specific color or want to find out more about precious stones and how to select the ideal gem for your custom piece, our guide contains useful information to assist you in making a gemstone selection. 

Top 5 Gemstones

The perfect jewelry piece is a must-have for many women as it is an attractive way to put the finishing touch on an outfit. Any outfit can be elevated with the right jewelry pairing. Different gemstones are used to create fine jewelry and bold statement pieces. As everyone will have varying opinions about the most suitable stone to suit their taste and style, here are the top five most popular gems to inspire you for selecting the perfect stone for your custom necklace, ring, bracelet or earrings.


Amethysts boast a purple hue and are said to be a calming stone that represents love, happiness and wealth. It was previously considered one of the rarest gemstones and more precious than diamonds until a large deposit was discovered in Brazil and Uruguay. Amethyst now belongs in the semi-precious stones category and is available in a wide variety of shapes and colors, making it a more affordable option than some other popular gems. It has a medium hardness, making it  a seven on the Mohs scale. Fun fact, it is also the February birthstone. 


From stunning vibrant green to a greenish-blue hue, a range of colors is considered acceptable for an emerald. However, the greater the color intensity, the more valuable the gem. Emeralds commonly have visible inclusion, which is part of the gemstone’s charm and the imperfections, or jardin, rarely decrease the value. This gemstone is medium to hard on the Mohs scale and makes the perfect 20th or 35th anniversary gift. They are a popular gem among royalty and look incredible in jewelry when placed next to other gemstones and diamonds.

emerald jewelry


Another popular gemstone is the July birthstone. Rubies are unmistakable with their vivid and deep red color. This gem represents passion and love and is essentially a red sapphire. Tradition states that this precious stone is gifted to celebrate 40th wedding anniversaries and goes by two gemstone names, Ruby and King of the Gems. It is a very hard mineral, making it an ideal stone for rings as it is highly scratch-resistant. 


While sapphires come in an array of colors — including pink, yellow, peach, and shades of violet — the blue hue is the most popular shade among this precious gem. They make beautiful gemstone engagement rings, the most famous of which was the one worn by Princess Diana. The stone is often described as the supreme blue gemstone representing purity, dependability, commitment and sincerity. It rates a nine on the Mohs scale and is often heat-treated to enhance the color and clarity. 


As an extremely hard gemstone and sitting at a ten on the Mohs scale, it’s no wonder that diamonds are the most popular gem. Its name comes from the ancient Greek work “admas,” which means unbreakable or invincible. This gem is perfect in any jewelry item as it can withstand daily wear, making it ideal for engagement and wedding rings. Diamonds come in various colors, including yellow, blue and green. However, the sparkly white gemstone looks spectacular alone or when accompanying other colored stones. Whether you’re proposing, celebrating a 10th anniversary, or want jewelry with the April birthstone, diamonds are a timeless choice. 

How to Pick a Precious Stone for Jewelry

While color selection is important when choosing a gemstone, it is also essential to consider various factors to ensure you have the most suitable stone. For example, consider the durability of precious gems and how practical some are for daily wear. Although a gemologist grades stones on the Mohs hardness scale, this number only indicates resistance to scratches. Some gems are soft yet are considered durable as they won’t easily fracture.

Pink gemstone

Enhanced and treated gemstones are more affordable compared to natural and untreated stones. They are also more readily available, so you can choose the perfect stone from a larger selection, and you can lower your cost without compromising the look of your finished design. You should also think about a gemstone’s versatility. White diamonds are very popular for engagement and bridal jewelry as you can wear them in a wide range of scenarios and match multiple fashion styles. However, while colored gems may not be as versatile as white diamonds, gemstones make a great complimentary piece such as a cocktail ring for the right hand or even earring accents. Selecting numerous colored gems can ensure your stone will always complement your outfit. 

Contact JPratt Designs

Whether you already have a gemstone selection in mind or still can’t decide between two stunning colors for your custom piece, our knowledgeable jewelry designers can assist you in making a decision. Schedule an appointment and we take the time to provide you with information about gemstones so you can decide what precious stone is the best choice for your next piece of custom jewelry.

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