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Wedding anniversaries mark your continued commitment to your loved one, and many couples choose to celebrate with anniversary gifts. Jewelry is precious and everlasting, making it the ideal choice for those special milestone moments. 

Traditional Milestone Anniversary Gifts by Year 

Since the 1800s, couples have exchanged specific types of jewelry and other anniversary gifts by year. The tradition suggests gifting different materials for each anniversary, which get stronger and more valuable as the years go by – just like your marriage! 

1st Anniversary Gift

The first year of marriage is a sweet one that deserves celebration! The traditional material for a first anniversary is paper, but if you’re after a jewelry gift, gold is the way to go. Consider getting your beloved a custom-made bracelet or a delicate gold necklace engraved with a special message. 

simple diamond necklace

5th Anniversary Gift

Wood is the traditional material for five-year anniversary gifts. However, you can commemorate the milestone with jewelry as well. Consider creating a custom jewelry design that features earthy tones to suit the theme. You could opt for subtle golden brown gemstones such as brown tourmaline, topaz, jasper, or obsidian.


10th Anniversary Gift

The tenth year of marriage is a big one for anniversary jewelry. Gifts for her typically include diamonds, although the traditional material is tin or aluminum. Go all out to celebrate your first decade with diamond earrings or a personalized eternity ring perfect for a vow-renewal ceremony. 

emerald diamond band

15th Anniversary Gift

Crystal is the traditional choice for a 15-year marriage, but watches are becoming popular too, especially if you’re after anniversary gifts for him. Jewelry that features pale gemstones that scatter the light is perfect for this milestone, symbolizing the many bright years of marriage that lie ahead.

20th Anniversary Gift

While traditional gifts usually include china, a modern 20th-anniversary present almost always features platinum. This brilliantly bright metal has many benefits over its gold and silver counterparts and pairs beautifully with colored gemstones. Consider a set of matching platinum rings for him and her, inscribed with a personal message to celebrate this special day.

stackable diamond rings

25th Anniversary Gift

Always opt for sterling silver when choosing 25th-anniversary gifts for your wife. Jewelry for a silver jubilee should shine bright and radiant like the lasting love you have for one another. You can adorn a simple silver necklace with a beautifully cut gemstone or work with a jeweler to craft something entirely one-of-a-kind.

large diamond pendant necklace

30th Anniversary Gift

Pearls are the traditional gift for a 30-year wedding anniversary. While they tend to have a vintage feel, you can give them a more modern look by mixing them with precious metals and stones. Gold is our metal of choice as it brings out the warm undertones in a creamy white pearl. 

pearl diamond earrings

40th Anniversary Gift

Rubies are extremely strong, making them the perfect symbol to celebrate a 40-year partnership. These bright red gems pair beautifully with silver and gold, so you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to jewelry. Whether you’re after understated ruby studs or an opulent diamond and ruby necklace, make sure your gift is burning red for your 40th wedding anniversary.

ruby diamond ring

50th Anniversary Gift

Your 50th wedding anniversary is your golden jubilee and should be celebrated as such! If you’ve made it this far, congratulations! Spoil your partner with solid gold earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings to mark this momentous occasion with one of the most precious metals there is!

yellow gold diamond ring band

60th Anniversary Gift

The best 60th-anniversary jewelry gifts are encrusted with diamonds. This brilliant stone is the hardest naturally occurring material on earth and symbolizes the eternal love, patience, and hard work you’ve put into your marriage. Present a beautiful diamond necklace to your beloved to show them that you’re just as invested in your relationship now as you were in year one.

diamond necklace

Craft Custom Anniversary Gifts for Her With Jewelry From JPratt Designs 

At JPratt, we can help you find the perfect milestone jewelry with anniversary gifts for her and him. We design and build custom-made rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, and our professional team has over 35 years of experience crafting unique jewelry in Dallas. Contact us about your design ideas today.

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