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Bringing a baby into the world isn’t easy. New moms spend nine months carrying extra weight, feeling exhausted, and going through overwhelming hormonal changes. The day of the baby’s arrival is cause for celebration, but the valiant new mama often ends up on the sidelines. “Push presents”, as they have been aptly and recently named,  are about making her feel appreciated, admired, and acknowledged for every effort she’s made to bring your sweet new bundle into the world.push present pendant

What Is a Push Present? 

If you’ve never heard the term before, you might be asking yourself, “What’s a push present, and should I get one for the new mom in my life?” Showering new mothers with gifts is a relatively new trend in the West. However, it’s been standard practice in India for hundreds of years. 

It’s called Godh Bharai in India, which means “fill the lap.” You might compare it to a baby shower, except it’s not only about presents for the baby, and it includes blessings and religious traditions too. Western countries have recently adopted the Godh Bharai philosophy of celebrating the mom, not just the baby. 

Push present ideas include scented candles, jewelry, Mom’s favorite foods, care packages, and special me-time treats. Remember, the gift should be all about her.

Customize a Push Gift for Your Partner

What is a push gift, or any gift, without some personalization? There’s no doubt you should customize your present to suit the new mom’s needs, personality, and tastes. A push gift should have meaning, for example, commemorating the date of the child’s birth or speaking to the number of children your wife or partner has brought into the world.

Custom jewelry is at the top of many new moms’ wish lists. It’s valuable enough for a special occasion, lasts a lifetime, and is something she can enjoy right there in her hospital bed.    

Push Present Jewelry Ideas for New Moms

A personalized baby footprint necklace

A baby’s footprint necklace couldn’t be more fitting for a push present. It’s sweet and sentimental, best for moms who love cute designs, patterns, hearts, symbols, and figurines. To make the gift more personal, you could add an engraving beneath the baby’s feet. For example, her necklace could sport the infant’s initials or the date she became a mom.

push present pendant

Baby’s Birthstone Bracelet 

Did you know that each month is associated with a specific gemstone? For example, emeralds for May and pearls for June. Knowing which birthstone applies to your partner’s delivery date can help you craft a unique piece of jewelry to commemorate the occasion. 

Start with a delicate bracelet in gold or platinum, then choose your gemstone charms to complete the jewelry. New moms can add stones to the bracelet to celebrate subsequent children and grandchildren one day.

A necklace with a custom engraving

You can opt for something simpler or more contemporary if you don’t think she’ll like a tiny foot. The necklace style you choose should always reflect your partner’s jewelry taste! Whether they prefer a simple pendant of solid gold or a sparkling silver necklace encrusted with jewels, you can make it more personal with engraving.   

Fashionable engravings for push presents include the baby’s name or initials, your partner’s delivery date, a special love note, or a meaningful symbol for her journey into motherhood.

Diamond Tennis Bracelet

If you’re unsure what a tennis bracelet is, picture a single row of diamonds worn on the wrist. A beautiful circle of diamonds is more than a push present. It’s a family heirloom your partner can pass down to her daughters and granddaughters.

Get a Custom Push Gift for Your Wife at JPratt Designs

JPratt Designs is a family-owned jeweler based in Dallas, Texas. We can help you design personalized push presents for your wife, partner, sister, daughter, and special friends with handcrafted care. Our unique footprint jewelry range is available in platinum and gold, with the option to customize your design with gemstones and inscriptions. Explore our jewelry gallery for inspiration, or contact JPratt for more advice.

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