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Finishing your outfit with the perfect jewelry piece is an easy way to stand out from the crowd and express your personality. However, you can take that individuality further with custom-made jewelry crafted to your personal style. Rather than risking the chance that someone has been shopping at the same jewelry store and is wearing a similar piece, custom jewelry is an ideal way to ensure your earrings, necklace, bracelet or ring are unique, sentimental and different from mainstream styles. By collaborating with a skilled jewelry maker, you can ensure that your custom design is one of a kind and features metal, gemstones and detail to suit your taste. Not only does creating custom jewelry give you the opportunity to be involved in the design of your jewelry, but it is fun and has significantly more longevity than anything over-the-counter or from a store.

How Much Does Custom Jewelry Cost?

While some jewelers may give you an average cost for a custom design, the final price depends on your chosen metal, gems and how long it takes to create the piece. Since a custom jewelry design is unique and rare, every piece will have different values, so it is impossible to give a precise cost of how much it is to create a one-of-a-kind piece. The complexity of your design, materials used and gemstone selection, such as using diamonds instead of opals, can influence the price of custom jewelry. 


The easiest way to find out how much it will cost to create a unique piece is to have a consultation with a custom jeweler. You can express your design ideas about how you want your necklace, ring or bracelet to look and which metal, diamonds and finishes you desire in your piece. An experienced jeweler will provide sketches or CAD renderings to give you a better idea of the design. You can then make adjustments as needed until you’re happy with the design. Once you have finalized a design, the jeweler can provide you with a fully itemized cost breakdown for your custom creation. 

We understand that everyone has different budgets. Regardless of how much you have put aside for a unique design, JPratt Designs can guide you through the custom jewelry process and create a stunning piece you’ll love.  During the initial meeting or design appointment, clients receive a comprehensive and itemized breakdown of where all the costs come from so there are no surprises.  We believe the custom jewelry creation process should be cleared and detailed to make the design process a fun experience. With more than 30 years of experience in the jewelry industry, we can offer you innovative design solutions, style ideas and gemstone recommendations, so your custom creation suits your style and budget requirements.

Is Custom Jewelry Worth the Investment?

A lot of people ask, “is custom jewelry worth it?” and the answer will depend on your point of view and what you value. Some people enjoy that a custom piece is a one-of-a-kind design and there is no other piece the same, while others love the sentimental value, and some see it as an investment piece. One benefit of custom jewelry is that often the monetary value won’t decrease over time, and in some cases, it can even increase over the years. A professional custom jewelry designer will also use quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship, so you can rest assured knowing that your piece is made to a high standard. 

You may also wear your custom piece more than other jewelry, knowing that you, or someone special, had input and control over the design. From the shape and style to the gem color and metal selection, you can ensure every detail of your custom jewelry has a significant meaning which can give you an emotional connection to a ring, necklace or bracelet. The sentimental value of jewelry can make the piece worth the investment as it is something meaningful that is made to suit your style and personality.

Customize a Family Heirloom

If you don’t have the budget or you’re not ready to create a completely new custom design, consider modernizing an older, inherited piece. Perhaps you love the sentimental value of your grandmother’s necklace or ring, yet the style is not entirely to your taste. You can use the existing stones and maintain the emotional connection to the jewelry yet rework the design into a style you’ll love to wear. Our team can guide you through the jewelry recreation process to create a new timeless piece. We can assist you in deciding which stones to keep, whether to add new ones such as rubies or emeralds for color and narrow down the endless design possibilities to ensure the end result perfectly matches your vision. We will even credit the value of the original metal towards the new jewelry. 

Handcrafted Custom Jewelry at JPratt Designs

Whether you want an entirely new unique, one-of-a-kind piece or want to refresh some older jewelry into a stunning modernized creation, our skilled and knowledgeable design team and professional jewelers provide exceptional service. Schedule an appointment and we take you through the entire custom creation process step by step and educate you about metals, diamonds and more so you can be confident and happy with your final design.

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