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Regardless of why you’re selling your jewelry, the how may lead to some questions. Where do I start? Is selling jewelry online the way to go, or should I head to a reputable jeweler? How can I get the most value out of the process wherever it happens? From determining the best places to sell and why you should check your jewelry for quality stamps, to how to calculate the material weight to anticipate value, our complete guide to selling jewelry for cash has all the answers you need.   

How to Sell Jewelry

There are several ways to go about selling jewelry for cash. You can list your items online and hope for a buyer. But selling estate jewelry this way can take more time and effort, and you will most likely end up getting below-market value.

You could also enlist the services of a local business, such as a jeweler or pawn shop. Through the latter, whose goal is to on-sell the item, you can expect a lower price for your jewelry. Local jewelers, on the other hand, often buy quality pieces at fair prices. If you’re looking for a quick and efficient sale, a professional jeweler can appraise your item and make an offer within a few days. This method of selling diamond jewelry is less of a hassle and can give you a better return. 

Another route is to get creative by selling vintage jewelry and redesigning an older piece into a more modern design before finding a buyer. This method can make your piece more attractive to buyers, as clean jewelry in excellent condition often sells faster and for a better price. 

Why Selling Jewelry at a Reputable Business Is Important

Though selling jewelry on Etsy is ideal for homemade items, we recommend enlisting the services of a reputable business, such as your local jeweler, for finer pieces. There are various benefits to working with a professional jeweler, including their extensive experience in the industry. Jewelers have in-depth knowledge of various metals and gemstones, and can give you a fair price for your items. They also rely on building trust with clients, so you know you’ll get professional and unbiased advice about selling your gold jewelry. 

A jeweler can also provide numerous options for selling diamond jewelry. For example, you can sell jewelry on consignment, broker diamonds, or sell outright to the jeweler. They also have an extensive and reliable client network, so you may even sell your consignment jewelry faster than online. You can be confident that you will get the most value for your jewelry and that transactions are secure. 

How to Determine Your Jewelry’s Worth

Selling gold jewelry for cash or stylish vintage pieces is always easier when it is in excellent condition. If your estate or vintage jewelry isn’t in the best condition, you may want to consider selling your pieces for their intrinsic value. This value is based on the current market rate of raw materials. 

Determining the value of precious metals and gemstones is difficult, so you may want to take your jewelry to a professional for an appraisal. Our experienced and knowledgeable jewelers carry out comprehensive appraisals and provide you with a detailed report. We offer fair market value and salvage value appraisals for resale value, and can assist you in scrapping your jewelry if you decide not to re-create a new piece from the raw materials.

How to Calculate Grams vs. Pennyweights

If you’re selling gold jewelry, a cash calculator allows you to anticipate your return on the sale. First, you should be aware that there are two types of measurements — gram and pennyweight — that buyers may use. One gram equals 0.643 pennyweight. You will also need to know the purity of your metal. You can then calculate an approximate raw material worth by taking the current daily price of the metal and multiplying it by purity, then times the weight of the material. While doable, these calculations include so many different factors and your total amount may differ from a buyer or refinery. 

Why You Should Check Your Jewelry for Stamps 

Fine jewelry will almost always have a stamp unless it has rubbed off. You can check your jewelry for quality stamps and better understand its metal content, composition, and value. Some pieces may have a jewelry maker’s mark, which lets you know where the jewelry was made. Other items may have hallmarks that are similar to quality stamps and indicate that it is made from precious metal, such as gold or silver. If you can’t find a stamp on your jewelry, an appraisal by our team can give you more information about your piece’s metal, gemstones, and value.

Effortlessly Sell Your Jewelry With JPratt Designs

If you’re wondering, How do I go about selling jewelry near me?, allow us to help. We have more than 30 years of extensive experience in the industry and provide exceptional service when selling handmade jewelry made from precious metals and gemstones. Our team provides comprehensive appraisals and can ensure you get the most return from your jewelry. Whether selling your jewelry as raw materials or whole pieces, we always offer fair market value. 

Contact us today to discuss selling your jewelry!

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